Conferinţă de presă Tour European Rally

The Tour European Rally organizers will organize a Press Conference in Arad, city that will host the 1st round of TER 2016, next Thursday May 12th at 16:00 c/o Cinecittà Restaurant / Atrium Mall / Arad.

At the TER Launch Press Conference will participate:
– Christian Dubuis                Organizer of Rallye Inernational du Valais – TER 2016 Round 4
– Andreas Aigner                  Organizer of Skoda Rallye Liezen – TER 2016 Round 3
– one member of                  Rali Vinho da Madeira  – TER 2016 Round 2
– Mihai Leu                           Arad Rally
– Luca Grilli                          Promoter/Organizer TER and Member of Tour European Rally
– Gheorghe Falca                 Major of Arad
– Adrian Tolea                      President of Arad County
– Roberto Sperandio            Italian Consul in Arad, Organizer and  member of Tour European Rally
– Stefano Milla                     Film Director from Los Angeles, he will come to Arad as Guest VIP of TER 1st Round and he will follow the Event from Start to End.
– Rashid Al Ketbi                 Driver from Dubai that will compete in TER 2016, winner of Arad Rally 2014
– Massimiliano Cerrai          Organizer and Member of Tour European Rally
– Daniele Lazzerini              Organizer and Member of Tour European Rally

After the Press Conference the Restaurant Cinecittà will prepare a delicious buffet!

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